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February 11


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I've been long time busy with work, I regret this as careless. I promise to try to catch me with comments and notes, thank you for your patience, and your messages.
Currently, and for lack of time, I can only accept commissions PinUp. The slots are limited, but I will try to open committees each week. So if don't get a slot this time, don't worry, It will be the next time.

Here we go!

PINUP - A single character, no background: 130 USD


Naughty Streaky by TorqueArtStudio

-Payment is in advance, and only accept Paypal.

-Once finished, the files are sent in small format and in high resolution, JPG or Tiff, your choice.

-I accept female and male characters, childrens, big-headed creatures, funny animals, furry, anthro, robots, ninjas, superheros, pirates, zombies, etcetc... ;D

-I don´t accept drawings from photographic reference (not photorealistic portraits) and not imitate styles of other artists. I reserve the right to decline a commission, if I think it does not fit with me.
And yes, my drawings can be a little spicy, but do not ask me anything too extreme, please.
Do not be naughty... :giggle:

-Depending on the complexity, a Commission may take to be completed since a couple of days to one or two weeks.

If you are interested in a Commission, send an email to attaching a description of the character, and so many visual references as you want.
I will answer you with the indications of Paypal and the accompanying sketches.

*Please not notes ;)

See you soon!
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Sharkfu Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope to grab one from you, is there a wait list? I have an android girl in like... a full suit of android armor, does that increase the price or is it a set $130?
Looking forward to the next opportunity!
RayAyala Feb 12, 2014  Professional Writer
Hi, email sent.
PhillGonzo Feb 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That is a very good deal.
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